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Finding Fun

August 9, 2015

On the NYC subway in Queens, New York while on a day trip, I spotted two people beaming. One was wearing a light layer of mud from head to toe. From reading the imprinted message on their tee shirts it was obvious that they had just participated in a Dirty Girl Run. 

I asked them about it. One openly shared her experiences with the obstacle course and explained that the hose for rinsing off had low pressure and wasn't very helpful for cleaning up.  Their debrief was authentic, intriguing...

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Ukulele Adventure

August 15, 2015

Can immersing in an interest, even for a just an evening result in feeling like you’ve gone away? After attending my first ukulee meetup at the Westport Library in CT, my answer is “Yes”.

To get the full benefit, I did a little pre-work.  I practiced 3 short songs with chord diagrams found in a Ukulele pamphlet and watched short YouTube tutorials.  

The ukulele meetup was a great place for solos because many participants attended on their own.

Practicing pieces of a song in unison brought...

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Break the Silence

August 24, 2015

More and more, I find myself breaking the silence waiting for a show to begin by first smiling and then posing a question to those sitting nearby who appear receptive. My thinking is, “Yes, we are strangers, but we share a common interest and this can be a springboard to interesting conversation."

My ticket was for was a working rehearsal for Theatre Artist, Taylor Mac. He’s constructing a 24-Decade History of Popular Music as a 24 hour extravaganza performance. As I stepped through the...

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Finding Free

August 31, 2015

I hesitated to stop at the pop up tourism booth across from Battery Park in Lower Manhattan because I was familiar with the area and I had a plan for my visit. 

Two minutes yielded two nice finds. I had never visited the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian which with year round exhibits and performances. I was standing right in front of it and admission is free!

And the “Connection”, Lower Manhattan’s free bus service with 37 stops from river to river and you can hop on and...

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